Cupping therapy is an older type of alternative medicine where cups are suctioned at different areas of the body, assisting your body and muscles into a deeper massage and form of relaxation, allowing blood flow, ease of tightness, and improving inflammation and pain areas of the body.

Cupping therapy will give your muscles ultimate relaxation, comfort, and flexibility.

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Dr. Tim is a life-saver! I no longer fear being side-lined in the gym since finding his approach. He keeps me going by addressing old injuries as well as the wear and tear of the daily life of a busy working mom. I can't believe how quickly he makes improvements in areas that I have suffered with for years. I recommend him to everyone I know who is dealing with chronic pain or acute injuries! Thanks Dr. Tim for your dedication!

Monica Pepitone Fink

April 25

The best in the game for Athletes!

Tony Bates

April 18

Straight forward. Honest. And legit!

Cara Barnes

April 27

Truly a blessing to have been introduced to Dr. Tim and his practice. As an athlete an a business owner its important for me to maintain my physical health with the high intensity training. Dr Tim allows for just that and much more always addressing the root cause of the issue. I truly believe that coupling chiropractic care with muscular therapy is the best way to ago in regards to treatment.

William Anthony

April 25

Top notch service. Tim has been a big help in my recovery and getting me back on stage.

Frank Hamilton

April 27

This chiropractic doctor is best. After your first visit, you will understand what I'm talking about. He cares so much about your improvement and I can't say enough about the results. Legit!

Patrick M.

June 18
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